Circuit Boards

PCBs for the GoodFET32, GoodFET42, GoodThopter11, Facedancer11, and Facedancer21 are available by sending USD $5 per board to sixtysixav at hotmail.com.

Be sure to include a properly formatted shipping address; a properly formatted address includes a full name and carriage returns. You will need to separately purchase parts from the Bill of Materials.

As this price is slightly above cost, we are happy to offer free boards to students, the unemployed, and the funemployed. Just send an email to the same address, and some boards will reach you in a jiffy. This offer also applied to larger orders intended for group workshops or hackerspaces. Please do not send us proof of such status, as we Tennesseans don't believe in checking papers.

Shipping to other countries is no trouble on our end, but they might be a problem on yours. In particular, shipments to Germany and Australia are often delayed by customs. If you'd prefer a private carrier, such as Fedex, just ask for that and Paypal us the cost.

While we prefer Paypal (sixtysixav at hotmail.com) in USD, we accept payment in any currency, including but not limited to Confederate Dollars, Bitcoin (1GV3mhfg3dQ4qaH5oCTVoAnfYNmsYjkAEw), IOU, ale, hops, socks with hops, Dogecoin (DTW6ku2iHPdP9b9iqQWhwDjEotEHAbok66), Krugerrands, Hungarian Pengo. Please be honest about the exchange rate.

Assembled Boards

A batch of assembled GoodFET42 boards ave been made available by RLS and are available from the good neighbors at Adafruit assembled GoodFET42. From int3.cc, you can order assembled Facedancer21 devices. Indicate interest in other boards (Facedancers, more GoodFETs, ApiMotes, etc) via this form (i.e. not via email).