Zigduino (r1)

The Zigduino r1 is an Arduino-like and Arduino-compatible platform that contains an Atmel atmega128rfa1 microcontroller that hasan integrated IEEE 802.15.4 radio. It was developed by Logos Electromechanical LLC. Unfortunately the Zigduino r1 is not for sale anymore. Logos Electromechanical, now offers a new-and-improved Zigduino r2 that uses the same microcontroller. GoodFET has not yet been tested on the Zigduino r2.


Build and flash firmware with the following commands. The $board variable must be set whenever the client is used, and the device will not function without it. Installation of this firmware requires avrdude to be install

export board=zigduino
make clean avrinstall


Schematics for the Zigduino r1 can be found on Logos Electromechanical's website [pdf].


Basic packet sniffing and transmitting tools are implemented in the zigduino's client code, goodfet.zigduino. The device is good for 802.15.4 packet sniffing and injection, as well as for the quick prototyping of new applications. Scapy integration also allows for packet crafting and dissection.