Telos B

Telos B with JTAG Adapter

The Telos B is a wireless sensor development platform which is also sold as a MoteIV TMote Sky. While the hardware predates the GoodFET project, the two share many design similarities, allowing a port with little trouble.


Build and flash firmware with the following commands. The $board variable must be set whenever the client is used, and the device will not function without it.

export board=telosb
make clean install
goodfet.ccspi info
goodfet.spiflash info


Schematics for the devices are identical, and they can be found in the contrib/ directory of the subversion repository.


The goodfet.spiflash client cannot determine the size or model of the SPI Flash chip in the TMote Sky, whose chip differs somehow from the otherwise identical Telos B. Reads, writes, and erases perform as expected.


A few nifty examples are covered in the article GoodFET on the TelosB, TMote Sky. Specifically, the device is good for 802.15.4 packet sniffing and injection, as well as for the quick prototyping of new applications. Scapy integration also allows for packet dissection.