The GoodThopter11 is a sexy GoodFET CAN device based around the design of the GoodFET31. Unlike the general- purpose GoodFET boards, the purpose of this board is to be used in the exploration of Automotive communication buses, currently supporting only the CAN bus. In addition to GF31 circuitry we have added a high-speed CAN Transceiver (MCP2551) and a Stand-alone CAN Controller with a SPI Interface (MCP2515). This design improves upon the GoodThopter10 by correcting one important and many minor errata.


CAD Files

Eagle CAD 6.x files for the design can be found in /branches/goodthopter11 of the GoodFET subversion repository, or along with gerbers as

Bill of Materials

Resistor values can be approximated.

N.B., The BOM including Digi-Key part numbers can be found in SVN branches/goodthopter10/bom/ (GoodThopter11 uses the same components)

1HC49/UP**20MHz SMD Crystal, 15pF
406030.1μF Decoupling Capacitors
2060315pF Capacitors*
506030603 LED
40603330R LED Series Resistors
1060310K Pull-up Resistor
1USB Type B - TE 292304-2 or FCI 61729-1011BLF
1D-SUB 9 Position Mountable Conn. - TE 1734351-1

* These should match the required capacitance of the crystal.

** The /US SMD package works as an alternative.


Place the components as shown in the comments of this Flickr image. As this is a surface-mount design, be sure that you are familiar with such techniques or have assistance before beginning assembly.


See the GoodFET Tutorial for more detailed explanations.


Build and flash firmware with the following commands. This board self-flashes over USB through a masked-ROM bootloader, so there is no need for an external programmer.

export board=goodthopter11
make clean install
goodfet.mcpcan info

See the GoodFET Tutorial for more detailed explanations.


OBD2 Cable

GoodThopter11 CAN

The pinout of the GoodThopter1x series is above and since CANH and CANL is located on pins 7 and 2 (respectively) the cable you will want to choose is something like this one and not the Sparkfun model which has a different pinout for CANH,CANL. Apologies, I think in the future, if it makes sense we will design to the cheaper option after we test both.

The MCP2551 pads do not extend past the legs. Shorten the legs by clipping them at their knees or use an SMD rework station to heat the solder without an iron or use an iron with extra flux and care.