The GoodFET40 is the twelfth hardware revision of the GoodFET, owing its heritage to the GoodFET21 and GoodFET31. It retains the small BOM of the GoodFET31 while using the more powerful microcontroller of the GoodFET21. The PCB USB connector has been dropped in favor of a Mini USB receptable, allowing PCBs to be manufactured on very thin boards, suitable for embedding within the cases of other electronics.

N.B. This version has been discontinued due to the boards being insufficiently thick to handle the mechanical stress of the 0.1" header. Use the GoodFET41 instead.

CAD Files

Eagle CAD 5.x files for the design can be found in /branches/goodfet40 of the subversion repository, or as

Bill of Materials

The MSP430F2618TPM may be replaced with a 2617, 2619, 2417, 2418, or 2419 chip. LEDs may be of any color, but a smaller series resistor should be used in such a case.

Resistor values can be approximated. Be sure to get the 64 pin variant of the MSP430F2618.

206030.1μF Decoupling Capacitors
306030603 LED
20603330R LED Series Resistors
1USB Mini Receptacle UX60-MB-5ST


Coming soon.


The USB positioning holes do not match many brands of connector. If the part doesn't fit, break the tabs from the connector and rely upon the solder points for proper positioning.

The board is too thin for use without a supporting case, causing some boards to flex and become damaged. For this reason, the GoodFET41 uses a thicker PCB.