Resulting from a collaboration between Scott Livingston and Travis Goodspeed, the GoodFET31L derives from the GoodFET31 and uses QFN variants of MSP430F2274 and FT232R chips. Discrete components remain unchanged in size and value (see Bill of Materials below).

The end of the board opposite to the USB pads is designed to fit in-between the two rows of 6x2 0.1" pin header. The fit should be snug, and each pin is soldered to the pad in the style of SMD work. A more detailed construction demonstration for side-mounting the 0.1" header and soldering QFN chips may be done in the (near) future.

CAD Files

Eagle CAD 5.x files for the design can be found in /branches/goodfet31L of the subversion repository, or as

Bill of Materials

206030.1μF Decoupling Capacitors
30603Red LED
20603330R LED Series Resistors
12x6 pin, 0.1" header


Construct according to the following Flickr image. GoodFET31L Layout


Email travis at if you should find any.