The GoodFET22 is the seventh hardware revision of the GoodFET, owing its heritage to the BadFET20 and GoodFET30. It retains the more powerful MCU of the BadFET20 while adopting the GoodFET30's smaller board and lack of crystals. The 74HC4053 MUX has been dropped from the design, and glitching is now performed through an ADG1634 from Analog Devices.

CAD Files

Eagle CAD 5.x files for the design can be found in /branches/goodfet22 of the subversion repository, or as

Bill of Materials

The ADG1634BRUZ is optional and only useful for voltage glitching research. If omitting it, populate the two empty resistor pads near it with zero-ohm resistors.

306030.1μF Decoupling Capacitors
306030603 LED
20603330R LED Series Resistors
1060347K !RST Pull-up Resistor

Resistor values can be approximated. Be sure to get the 64 pin variant of the MSP430F2618.


GoodFET22 GoodFET22 Schematic


The board's silkscreen lists the chip as an ADG1633. Use a 1634, as the 1633 is a related chip that will not fit.