The GoodFET10 is the first hardware revision of the GoodFET. Like all first-run boards, it has a few errata that must be patched before use. These inconveniences will be fixed in the GoodFET11.

CAD Files

Eagle CAD 5.x files for the design can be found in /branches/goodfet10 of Subversion, or as

Bill of Materials

1QFP64MSP430F1611 or 1612
206030.1μF Decoupling Capacitors
20603330R LED Series Resistors
5060347K Pull-up Resistors
60603100R JTAG Series Resistors

Also, one 47K through-hole resistor and a 32.768kHz crystal are required to patch errata.


Construct as described on the following Flickr image's annotations, then patch as described in the Errata section. GOODFET10


GOODFET10 Erratum Fix The GOODFET10 is missing a 47K pull-up resistor on the !RST pin of the MSP430F161x chip. Solder one like so.

Further, no crystals are present on this board. A 32.768kHz crystal must be patched onto the XIN/XOUT pins.

The board as first manufactured was too thin, so a wedge or a crimped USB extension cable is necessary for a tight fit. Future runs will be made at 0.078'' thickness.