The BadFET20 is the fourth hardware revision of the GoodFET, and it shares a board with the GoodFET20. It differs from the GoodFET20 in that its microcontroller is a more powerful MSP430F2618 running at 16MHz by an internal oscillator.

CAD Files

Eagle CAD 5.x files for the design can be found in /branches/goodfet20 of the subversion repository, or as The GoodFET20 and the BadFET20 use identical boards; they only differ in the choice of components.

Bill of Materials

206030.1μF Decoupling Capacitors
20603330R LED Series Resistors
60603100R JTAG Series Resistors
1060347K !RST Pull-up Resistor
1SO1674HC4053 Analog MUX


Construct as described on the following Flickr image's annotations, using a 2618 in lieu of the 1612. Omit the row of pull-up resistors. BadFET20


The GoodFET20 documentation used to indicate that adding an 8MHz crystal would suffice to convert a GoodFET to a BadFET. That was incorrect, and an MSP430F2618 is required.

Thanks to Kenny for reporting that the 47K pull-up resistor was missing from the BOM. This has since been corrected.

Most 74HC4053 chips do not function at 3.3V. For glitching research, please use the GoodFET21 instead.