Api-Mote base rev1

The Api-Mote base is a hybrid device designed by rmspeers specifically for low-level interaction with the IEEE 802.15.4 and Zigbee radio protocols. It also supports typical GoodFET activities via a GoodFET header. It's similar to the TelosB/Tmote in design, but updated chips and more expansion options.

See the Api-Do project site for full documentation.


Build and flash firmware with the following commands. The $board variable must be set whenever the client is used, and the device will not function without it.

export board=apimote1
make clean install
goodfet.ccspi info


Hardware is not yet widely available. To indicate interest, use the form here.


Given the similarity to the TelosB, a few nifty examples are covered in the article GoodFET on the TelosB, TMote Sky. Specifically, the device is good for 802.15.4 packet sniffing and injection, as well as for the quick prototyping of new applications. Scapy 802.15.4 layer integration (scapy-com repository dot15d4.py by rmspeers) also allows for packet dissection.