Client | sed 's,/usr/local/bin/,,'
Usage: verb [objects] erase flash $foo.hex test term info infotest halt regs dumpcode $foo.hex [0x$start 0x$stop] dumpdata $foo.hex [0x$start 0x$stop] writedata $foo.hex [0x$start 0x$stop] verify $foo.hex [0x$start 0x$stop] peekdata 0x$start [0x$stop] pokedata 0x$adr 0x$val peek 0x$iram poke 0x$iram 0x$val peekcode 0x$start [0x$stop] rssi [freq]
    Graphs signal strength on [freq] Hz. carrier [freq]
    Holds a carrier on [freq] Hz. reflex [freq]
    Jams on [freq] Hz. sniffsimpliciti [us|eu|lf]
    Sniffs SimpliciTI packets. sniffdash7 [lf]
    Sniffs Dash7. (untested) snifficlicker [us]
    Sniffs iClicker. simpliciti [us|eu|lf]
    Simpliciti access point for Chronos watch. iclicker [us|eu|lf]
    Sniffs iClicker packets as ASCII.


DD/P2_1 12 Vcc
34 Vcc
RST 56
DC/P2_2 78
GND 910

SmartRF Studio Integration

At least temporarily, many features of the GoodFET's Chipcon client depend upon an installation of Smart RF Studio being found at /opt/smartrf7. XML files from this installation are used to auto-configure register names for the CC1110 and other 8051-based devices.


Chipcon Carrier

GoodFET Simpliciti Sniffing!

GoodFET CC1110 RSSI Graph

GoodFET iClicker Sniffing


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