NRF Application

This application is for use by the Nordic RF radios, such as the NRF24L01+.


A Python client, goodfet.nrf, is in the works, but nothing is stable yet.



The following verbs are supported. The Write-Enable command is implied by those that write flash memory, such as POKE and SPI_ERASE.

0x00READExchange data.
0x01WRITEExchange data.
0x02PEEKRead a register.
0x03POKEWrite a register
0x10SETUPConfigure I/O pins.
0x20STARTStart listening.
0x21STOPStop listening.
0x7ENOKNo Operation
0x80RXReceive a packet.
0x81TXTransmit a packet.
0x82RX_FLUSHFlush RX buffer.
0x83TX_FLUSHFlush TX buffer.