CC2500 Application

This application is for use by the Chipcon CC2500 and similar radios such as the CC1100. It supports simple radio modules as well as modules with external power amplificator and external antenna. For the latter, the pin CE is used to switch the external PA between TX and RX.


A Python client, goodfet.cc2500, is in the works, but nothing is stable yet.



The following verbs are supported.

0x00READExchange data.
0x01WRITEExchange data.
0x02PEEKRead a register.
0x03POKEWrite a register
0x10SETUPConfigure I/O pins.
0x80RXReceive a packet.
0x81TXTransmit a packet.
0x82RX_FLUSHFlush RX buffer.
0x83TX_FLUSHFlush TX buffer.