Atmel Radio Application

This application is for use by the atmega128rfa1 radio, but may also work for other Atmel chips with both an AVR microcontroller and an IEEE 802.15.4 radio on board.


A Python client, goodfet.zigduino, is in the works, but only implements very basic send and receive functionality.



The following verbs are supported. The Write-Enable command is implied by those that write flash memory, such as POKE and SPI_ERASE.

0x02PEEKRead a register.
0x03POKEWrite a register
0x10SETUPInitialize radio.
0x7ENOKNo Operation
0x80ATMEL_RADIO_RXReceive a packet.
0x81ATMEL_RADIO_TXTransmit a packet.
0x84ATMEL_RADIO_AACK_ONEnable radio's extended operating mode (Disabled by default. For research purposes only).
0x85ATMEL_RADIO_AACK_OFFDisable radio's extended operating mode..
0x86ATMEL_RADIO_AUTOCRC_ONEnable auto checksumming.
0x8ATMEL_RADIO_AUTOCRC_OFFDisable auto checksumming.